Tips and Tools for buying a domain name

The most essential and tricky part of a business is making its presence digitally and then rolling in the competition. Digital presence is most importantly based on the domain name. We have to be very sure that our chosen domain name is short, sweet, and yet descriptive about the website or our business in the most efficient way.
Before learning about the tips to buy a domain name, let us initially understand what actually a domain name is.

A domain name is the address of your website, that people will type in the search bar to search your business identity. In simple language, if your website is your home then the domain is its address. A domain name is something every website owner needs to be ensured of getting right, just the way they want their website to roll.

There are almost 400 million domains already registered presently and thousands getting registered each day which means a search for a good domain is going to take a lot of your effort and creativity before you finalize on one. Below mentioned are quick tips and tools for you before you finalize one for yourself:

1) Keep it short, easy to understand, type, and remember:

Even if your website ranks well, it is equally important to rely on a good domain for your brand visibility. It is important to choose a name that the client can relate to and remember easily. Make sure you choose a domain which people should remember just after they hear it or they learn about it through some brief explanation. It is very important to forward people to your website by just the name they hear, therefore make sure the name you use is easy yet brand able.
Also, make sure you do not use hyphens or numbers in the selected domain name just to avoid any confusion and make it easy to use and remember.

2) Try to stick with a .com

The recommendation of buying a domain with a .com is just to avoid any confusion and make it easy to remember. We have to understand that major people who are not tech-savvy automatically type .com after any domain name they hear. While it is easy to get tempted with other attractive domain names, it is really efficient and advised to use a .com domain.

3) Shorter, The Better

As already discussed the domain name has to be easy to understand and remember, hence shortening the same or choosing a shorter name helps a lot. It will also help people to type your exact domain name without any mistakes or confusion. Although there are not many one-word domain names available but initially investing sometime in the right chosen domain name can help you more further.

4) Usage of a better keyword

Analyze already existing keywords in the competitor’s market and see to what keyword has been majorly used. This will help you understand the market prospects more efficiently. A relevant domain with a quick inclusion of a descriptive keyword is going to be a very plus point for your business niche.

5) Make use Of Domain Name Generators

Efficient usage of domain name generators might help you with some really clever ideas to finalize a domain name for your website. In this time of more than 400 million registered domain names, finding one for yourself is going to be really a time-consuming task. Using these free tools will automatically assist you with clever domain name ideas including your keywords and save you much of your time.

6) Pick a reliable domain registrar

A domain registrar is one through which you book your selected domain name, but choosing a secure and trustworthy domain registrar is equally important. Selectively choosing a domain registrar is going to be of help in the long run. Always register with a trustworthy domain registrar to avoid any inconvenience and fraudster later.

7) Finalize only at the best price

Though domain registrars offer the same names you may find an effective difference in their prices for each. It is always better to find out the prices from different places and then register your domain name only at the best price you receive. Also, make sure you keep your domain registrar’s panel login credentials very secure and do not share them with anyone.

8) Select The Auto-Renew Setting For Your Domain

Usually, when we work for settling the auto-renew setting, it is either for a year or two. After the completion of that period, the domain automatically becomes inactive. And then after a specific time, it again becomes available and if you lapse on time, anyone else can get it registered easily. Also, it has always been noted that aged domains are the major requisites in the market.

9) Be Cautious While Buying Existing Domain Names

Buying an existing domain name is very different than buying a new domain name. Foremost, since it is aged it has a history. So buying an existing domain name always involves research on what that history is to avoid any later inconveniences. You can do specific checks via tools like and, and wayback machine.

10) Choose A Domain Name You Can Legally Own

The best trick to understand things better is that when you have a really good domain name idea, search about it on Google for page one, two and so on. If you find similar or most often used words being delivered as other business domain names, restart and choose another domain name for yourself in order to stand out and avoid any invaluable competence.

Above mentioned ten tips are going to be of sure help while you move on to buying a domain for your website and business recognition. Well planned strategical analysis on the domain niche and then registering a domain name is going to make it more convenient and helpful for you in the running zeal of expansion and digitalization. We hope our article assist you with proper assistance while moving forward to domain registration for your businesses and help you escalate profits to maximum levels. All the Best!

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